Quito, 1990.  My work in the artistic and photographic...
Photo by Ana María Buitrón

Quito, 1990.
My work in the artistic and photographic field is related to issues of human rights, migration, education and gender. 

My labour is based on the belief in the social importance of photography as a way to relate, make visible and support the work of historically vulnerable movements, so my work aims to build a dignified, empathetic and respectful look towards various groups such as peasants, indigenous people, women, educators, people in human mobility, environmental groups, LGBTIQ+, defenders of territories, and others. 

Hostile Environment & First Aid Training (HEFAT), by  Thomson Reuters. Jorge Mantilla Ortega Award
in the Photojournalism category (2020). Member of Women Photograph, Fluxus Foto collective and Ecuadorian Photographers Association. 

Production grant from the National Geographic Society 2020 Emergency Fund for Journalists (Fluxus Foto). Selected artist for the MUFF/Caminos Conjuntos 2020-2021 program of the Centro de Fotografía de Montevideo (Uruguay) and finalist of the IV Edition of the Brazil Emerging Art Award 2019.

I have worked for NGOs and international agencies such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Plan International, GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft), Enseña Ecuador (Teach for all),  Scalabrinian Mission of Ecuador, I published my work in local and international media such as: The Washington Post, The Iris Times, Human Rights Watch, Spotlight Initiative, The Guardian, Amapola Periodismo (mx), Pie de página (mx), Interferencia (cl), Zero Grados (esp), LATFEM (arg), La Vaca (arg), El Salto (esp), Amerika21 (ale), Lateinamerika Nachrichten (ale), Mundo Diners, El Comercio, GK, Vistazo, La Tecla-R, Radio Cocoa, La Periódica, La Andariega.

Coordinator of parallel activities and workshop leader at the V Ethnographic Film Festival of Ecuador. She has been a guest lecturer at the "Luz de Ventana" Festival (Chile, 2020), Gris Medio Festival (USFQ, 2020), "Documentary Photography as a tool in social processes" in the framework of the World Press Photo Exhibition (Guayaquil, 2019), "Dialogue in Rooms: Dali from a gender perspective" (Metropolitan Cultural Center, 2019).



- Degree in Photography from the University of Palermo (2013)

- Diploma in Design and Communication Pedagogy from the Program of Academic Assistants, University of Palermo. (2013)

- Diploma in Documentary Photographic Research and Conservation from the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, University of Buenos Aires (2014)

- Master’s degree in Education, Languages and Media from the San Martín National University. (2015 - unfinished).

- Data journalism for transparency and accountability, International Center For Journalism (2021)

- Investigative Journalism with a Focus on Human Rights (2020)

- Professionalization and self-management for artists, Guayungas Hub + Ministry of heritage and culture (2021)


- Photo Oxford Festival 2021 “Women creating landscapes

- Bodies - Strings, Art Women Ecuador, Alianza Francesa de Quito, 2021

- Love and Politics; how to live together? (Brigada Kitoh) at the Valparaíso International Photography Festival, 2021.

- Education through WhatsApp (Fluxus Foto) at the UNDP stand of the Photoville Festival 2020 in New York. 

- Brazil Award 2019, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito, February - December 2020.

- Women's stories through art, National Court of Justice of Ecuador, March 2020.

- Narrativas Transitorias at No Lugar - Arte Contemporáneo, 2019. -

 MAPPA (Cátedra de Café), Fundación Un Lugar Aparte, 2018.

- Bicycles, Fior de Lise, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013. Work acquired by the Dansk Cyclist Forbund

- Foto-Graffi-Arte, La ventana indiscreta, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2010.

Profesional experience 

2020 - Photographer for Plan International in the GFFO (German Federal Foreign Office) Covid-19 program implemented in 24 countries. November to december.

2020 - Coordinator of parallel activities and workshop leader at the V Ethnographic Film Festival of Ecuador.

2020 – Speaker at the contemporary photography meeting "Gris Medio" of the Universidad San Francisco de Quito; Exposure: Parts of the involuntary process, sustaining a work in time and not dying in the attempt. 

2019 - Trainer in the workshop "Journalistic photography for social networks" given for members of the ASU UTOPÍA magazine Universidad Politécnica Salesiana. 

2019 - Workshop coordinator and trainer "Management of photography and life stories with a focus on a culture of peace and human mobility”, for the Scalabrinian Mission of Ecuador as a member of Fluxus Foto.

2019 - Lecturer in a discussion on "Documentary photography as a tool in social processes" within the framework of the World Press Photo exhibition (Guayaquil).

2019 - Lecturer with the artist María Moreira in "Dialogue in rooms: Dalí from a gender perspective" for the Metropolitan Cultural Center of Quito.2018 

– 2019. Part of the editorial team, data collection, editing and proofreading texts of the past 10 years of Daniel Merle’s blog, for the book "Bad Memory: Diary of a photographer ". Published in Buenos Aires (Argentina), ISBN 978-987-46951-8-5. 

2017 -2019. Digital Pedagogical Facilitator at School 16 DE 1 for the Operational Management of Incorporation of Technologies -  INTEC, Ministry of Education of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.  

2017 – Present. Online tutor in the Undergraduate Diploma "Social Photography: The camera as a tool for social research" for the agreement Faculty of Philosophy and Letters UBA with Sholem College. Subjects: Aesthetic Language, Technical and Expressive Resources, Latin American Photography, Digital Preservation.  

2017 – Present. Collaborating photographer for LaPeriodica.net, Ecuador's feminist digital journalism magazine.

2013 – 2019. Assistant Professor at the Semiology, Epistemology and Aesthetics of Photographic Language Seminar for the Diploma in Documentary Photographic Research and Conservation (FFyL - UBA). Coordination of working groups. Guide and edition of photobooks. Administration of the blog of the seminar and the blog of the Diploma  

2014 – Present. Professional photo retoucher, documentation assistant and digitization of archival material for artists and photographers such as: Carlos Wetzler, Viviana Zargón, Gradiva Reiter, Ivonne Jacquet, Mónica Incorvaia, Andrea Chame, Florencia Blanco.

2016 - Online tutor in the Diploma in Social Photography: the camera as a social research tool for PLED (Latin American Distance Education Program in Social Sciences, Cultural Center for Cooperation, Argentina). Subjects: "The aesthetic language of documentary photography" and "The photographic document: object and subject". Assignment of tasks to students and forum moderation.

2014 – 2016. Photography assistant; print manager and professional retoucher at Lowry FineArt (a studio specializing in fine art reproduction and fineArt printing). Printing using fineArt quality systems and museum materials, color calibration and image correction, file planning, budgets, mail and social networks. Work aimed at artists, photographers, museums, galleries, public and private institutions.

2012 – 2013. Teaching Assistant and academic assistance to the teacher responsible for the Chair of Image Design and F Brands, University of Palermo.

Courses, workshops and seminars

2019 – Ecuador. Women Photograph Workshop: Latin America edition Review of portfolios, talks, workshops on editing, digital presence, pitching, training in risky situations, etc. Dictated by renowned artists, photographers and international editors. 

2019 – Ecuador. Seminar "Contemporary art as an action figure". Total of 12 hours, dictated by Curatoría Forense (Br, Arg, Chile) Center for Contemporary Art - Quito. In the framework of the XVII Meeting of Art and Community Al Zur-ich. 

2019 – Argentina. Theoretical practical workshop "The Mary Shelley or how to organize and give birth to photographic monsters" Dictated by the photographer and artist Lorena Fernández. ARDE Festival: Meeting of Photography, Feminisms and Human Rights. 

2019 – Argentina. Shared Knowledge Workshop / Embroidery Meeting: Invisible Sewing, Argentine Museum of Costume History. Dictated by artist Viviana Debicki.

2018 – Argentina. “El Goce de la Mirada” seminary (Aesthetics and clinic). Dictated by Dr. in Psychology and Philosophy Luciano Lutereau and Dr. Esteban Dipaola, UCES Fc. of Psychology and Social Sciences. 

2018 – Argentina. Theoretical-practical workshop: Memory and reconstruction of stories in contemporary artistic practices. Arte x Arte Foundation, Argentina. Dictated by Alejandro Erbetta, with a theoretical introduction by François Soulages. 

2017 – Argentina. Experimental seminar / workshop on image creation and circulation: Photojournalism and post-photography. Scholarship holder, Casa Nacional del Bicentenario, Argentina. (Dictated by Daniel Merle and Pablo Mendez). 

2017 – Argentina. Virtual Course "Introduction to the gender perspective in audiovisual media" Certified by the Public Defender of Audiovisual Services of the Argentine Republic. 35 hours.

2017 – Argentina. Workshop "Documenting with a gender perspective". Directed by Maya Goded (Mexico) and coordinated by the Photographers Sub Cooperative. 

2017 – Ecuador. Photography and media activity workshop by MIDIANINJA (Br) and Fundación Paradocs (Ec). Workshop dictated by Oliver Kornblihtt / MidiaNinja. Media activist writing, real-time coverage, construction of collective gaze and counter -narratives.


- The Washington Post: Landslide and floods in Ecuador's capital kill 24.

- Frontpage of Human Rights Watch Report of Ecuador: ¿Por qué me quieren volver hacer sufrir?

- The Guardian, Enduring and Surviving the climate crisis in pictures.

- Catalog of the IV edition of the Brazil Emerging Art Award at the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito.

- Toro Aguilar, K. A., Aiello, M., Álvarez, D. V., López , A., & Suárez, V. (2020). Five approaches to the "Cátedra de Café" experience. Index, Contemporary Art Magazine, (10), 231-246. https://doi.org/10.26807/cav.vi10.336

- Photographs at Ecuador la insurrección de octubre /Boaventura De Sousa Santos ... [et al.]. - 1a ed.- Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires: CLACSO, 2020.

- Editor of “Mala Memoria. Diario de un Fotógrafo” by Daniel Merle. ArtexArte Editions, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019. ISBN: 978-987-46951-8-5

- Research and archive organization for “Itinerancy” by Viviana Zargón, Aluna Art Foundation, Buenos Aires Argentina, 2019. ISBN: 9789878609836

- Digital publication: photographs selected to integrate the Fotozine “Marea Verde” curated by Gisela Volà, Maya Goded and Ana Casas Broda, designed by Verónica Borsani. Eighth Argentine Biennial of Documentary Photography of Tucumán, 2018.

- Retouching of photographs in “Viviana Zargón” by Zargón, Viviana. Editorial SIGMAR, Argentina, 2016. ISBN 9789873391170.

- Pallets of Life / A PuraVida project (Ed. 2016) Photograph of the works of art published in the book.

- Publications as photographer in local and international media such as: Spotlight Initiative, Amapola Periodismo (mx), Pie de página (mx), Interferencia (cl), Zero Grados (esp), LATFEM (arg), La Vaca (arg), El Salto (esp), Amerika21 (ale), Lateinamerika Nachrichten (ale), Mundo Diners, El Comercio, GK, Vistazo, La Tecla-R, Radio Cocoa, La Periódica, La Andariega.

- Virtual publication "Photobooks". Edited and produced by Viviana Suárez and Karen Toro. Systematization of work carried out around the seminar we conducted in the Diploma in documentary photographic research and conservation. Buenos Aires, September 2015.

- “Rethinking Paulo Freire: The practice of freedom" in Writings of the Faculty No. 84. Pedagogical reflection. Buenos Aires 2013. ISSN: 1669-2306

- "Claude Cahun: another looks at self-representation"; "Photography and the industrial project of devices"; and series of photographs: “Puro Azar”, in Trascámara, the image thought by photographers [theoretical practices from the place of creation]. Alex Schlenker edition. Quito 2013. ISBN 978-9942-13-064-8.

- "Marie Louise Alemann, pioneer of Argentine experimental cinema" Creation and Production in Design and Communication. Essays on the image. Year 9. Number 48. September 2012. Buenos Aires. ISSN 1668-5229.

- "1200 Descent" Young Research and Communication Projects, Center for Studies and Production in Design and Communication, Book 29. June 2010, ISSN 1668-5229.

- "La fotografía espírita", Diploma in Documentary Photographic Research and Conservation, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters - University of Buenos Aires, 2014.

- "Rimbaud en la ciudad de la furia. Un tributo a la obra de David Wojnarowicz", 2011.

- "Un Quijote Moderno", Universidad de Palermo, 2012.

- "Las cosedoras: la relación pedagogía/cultura en el Ecuador de los 40s", Universidad Nacional de General San Martín, 2015.

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Karen Toro

Artist, photographer, and educator based in Ecuador.
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